It’s simple. The earlier you partner with us, the earlier we can help. We believe that there’s no limit in ideas, innovation, and dream. Dream big! And the rest will follow. Our team is awesome, they’ll help your businesses grow by all means.


Every ideas is a good ideas for us. We love to listen to your pitch and put our brains together to make it better. We love daring ideas that may bring explosive impact to the community around us. At TN Kapital, we don’t only provide capital support to ambitious businesses, we enable you.


Sometimes it takes just a connection to change the destiny of someone. At TN Kapital, we extend our network of market movers and leaders to you because we believe that when we put intelligent people together, great things will happen. Connect with us and we will connect you to opportunities.


It’s a long lonely journey for most entrepreneurs. At TN Kapital, we want to see you succeed not only as a business or an investee, we want to see you succeed as a person. We want to be your partner of growth and life. We work hard to match you with the best mentor possible from leading or competing industry so that you can be better than them. We believe that the foundation of innovation is constantly challenging the status quo.


We understand your needs. We not only provide capital to qualify businesses, we match you with cool people to work with, comfortable offices, and anything you needs that will make your business grow.

PT Tunas Nusantara Kapital

Level 11, One Pacific Place, SCBD, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
12190, Indonesia