It was a busy day here at Ayana Midplaza hotel. Once again, Prasetiya Mulya University for undergraduate study was organizing their yearly event, BLIDZ (Business Launch and Investor Day) for their students to showcase their businesses and to meet their future investors. We were glad to be invited as one of their contributors and we were amazed by the ideas and innovations from their students. We were thrilled by their enthusiasm. We all know it is not easy to run a business moreover many of them are still studying. These students conquered it all.

Prasetiya Mulya University or previously known as Prasetiya Mulya Business School was founded in 1982 by 70 national businessmen under Yayasan Prasetiya Mulya. They first opened their graduate school and later establish their undergraduate program in 2005. Since then, Prasetiya Mulya has committed to build an entrepreneur generation with their business major. Throughout the program, their students learn the basic of creating a sound business plan to creating the actual business, and to look for funding. Every year, over 600 students graduated from the program and roughly 85 businesses were launched.

There was approximately 40 businesses that joined this year event. Most of the exhibitors were Prasmul students, but there were a lot of Alumni businesses also. One of the goal of this event is to match these startups with a suitable investor. There were a lot of venture capitals and angel investors present there, and of course we were there too. After the showcase, there came the time that we had been waiting for, the pitching session! The pitching session was divided to 4 rooms which represents 4 categories: food and beverages, creative, fashion, beauty, technology & services. We came in a full team that day to listen to these students and alumni to pitch in hope to find the next star business. When we came to the registration desk, we had a really warm welcome from them, they even ushered us to the rooms!



It’s a rare opportunity to be captivated by so many young startups who are enthusiast to solve the next big problem locally and globally. As TNKapital, we continue to seek for excited and dedicated founders who are determined to solve the world’s problem with the latest technology. We love founders who think differently and who are obsessed to find a better way to do things.

Good job for all the startups who had presented, and we wish all of them luck!


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