We believe in our founders. Your vision and mission is what interests us. We never limit ourselves to only one sector, as long as the ideas are brilliant and the team is awesome. The one thing our companies have in common is – passionate founders who will do anything for their company to grow.


ALAMI is a peer-to-peer financing platform, focusing on sharia-compliant invoice financing for Indonesia's small and medium enterprise (SME). ALAMI are one of the few sharia-compliant peer-to-peer platforms that is registered with Indonesia's Financial Services Authority (OJK) and supervised by National Sharia Council (DSN-MUI).

Kora cuts supply chain in consumer & basic needs with the vision of increasing prosperity of medium low income people by providing better basic needs fulfillment solutions and job opportunities. Kora enables people to be able to distribute serve basic needs within neighborhood.

Benang Biru is a convection business, trusted by various companies and fashion labels to fulfill their garment production needs. Ranging from shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, jacket, uniform, seminar kit etc, with approximately 10,000 capacities fulfilled per month.

Gadjian is a human resources management and payroll platform that allows companies to track employees’ pay, income tax deductions and attendance. Gadjian makes HR management simpler, streamlined, effective and efficient.

Hadirr is a cloud based application to handle and manage employees attendance. Hadirr helps various businesses to be more effective and efficient from the human resource management side.

Pakdé is a logistic company that simplifies the operational of online retail business from storing, packing, delivery, inventory / stock management to quality control. Online retailers then can focus on other aspects of the business, while Pakdé will fulfill their logistic needs.

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